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Station 12 Studio

Our Acting Training

Study techniques with master acting coaches. Email us for this semester's offerings.

When you need a professionally-produced self tape, we can help you put your best foot forward.

We'll be offering opportunities to expand your acting chops through workshops and special sessions as available.

To work with any of our coaches one on one you may book us here.


Our Studio

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SPOKEN TRUE STUDIOS strives to provide the highest quality acting training allowing actors to compete in the TV and film industry in the southeast and national markets. SPOKEN TRUE STUDIOS offers three sessions per year supplemented by seminars and other training programs specifically chosen to enhance the actor’s skills.

Performing in a believable and truthful manner is the priority of our studios.  Developed by Eugenie Bondurant, an accomplished actress and coach, SPOKEN TRUE STUDIOS helps individuals reintegrate authenticity into their work.  Ms. Bondurant works with actors, students, and professionals, looking to be more successful in their performance and auditions.

Our Alumni


Eugenie gets me to my most authentic performance so effortlessly I forget we're working. And the results speak for themselves.

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Lisa L. Kirchner

Working actor, screenwriter, producer,

True Stories host

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